Enterprise Data Management (EDM)

EDM for Manufacturing

EDM will make your business better, faster and stronger

Only Sightline EDM offers a level of precision unseen in the marketplace. EDM is specifically designed to provide you with the real-time data you need to make smarter, more cost effective decisions. EDM is the only software that has the ability to do sub-second data analytics in real time. Sightline provides an award winning platform for managing the continuous stream of time series data that is being produced and will help you:

Create a real-time, unified view of data 
Improve operational efficiency through reduced downtime and increased availability
Diagnose costly issues quickly with advanced correlation and analytics
Make proactive decisions by detecting patterns, trends and anomalies


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 EDM for IT
Performance Analytics

EDM for IT Performance Analytics

Gain insight into your critical IT operations with Sightline’s advanced reporting and analysis tools. Collect and store the right data at the right time and optimize IT performance, reduce operational issues and automate capacity planning.

EDM for Manufacturing
Performance Insights

EDM for Manufacturing

Put the data to work for your manufacturing operations. Analyze various data streams, then use the knowledge to proactively identify problems and implement strategies to save money and improve output.