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Sightline Solutions for Government Agencies

For more than 10 years, Sightline Systems has successfully supported federal, state and local government efforts with its enterprise-grade monitoring solutions. The Sightline Systems Solution Suite scales to the needs of any agency’s most stringent IT infrastructure monitoring requirements by collecting more than 7,500 data points from nearly every component in its environment into a single view. Government IT teams enjoy a single, simple and yet powerful view into every part of the IT infrastructure from mainframes to the latest in Windows and Linux systems. Not only does it allow teams to better manage that infrastructure, it allows them to replace multiple single-system monitoring tools with a single solution that can monitor every component within that infrastructure. GSA Schedule GS-35F-0058Y

The Sightline Systems Solution Suite will provide your agency with:


How to Procure



334611 – Software Reproducing
511210 – Software Publishers
541511 – Customer Computer Programming Services

Special Item Numbers

132-32 – Term Software Licenses
132-33 – Perpetual Software Licenses
132-34 – Maintenance of Software
132-51 – IT Professional Services