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Manufacturers Rely on Sightline EDMManufacturing Performance Insights

Sightline Systems helps manufacturers analyze Internet of Things “IIoT” (also know as Industry 4.0) data from production runs, which helps improve product quality and reduce costs. The advanced Sightline Systems analytics tool can analyze massive volumes of data created during the manufacturing process and correlate the data in seconds. This allows engineers to quickly make process improvements which can improve quality and reduce costs.

The manufacturing landscape is changing due to the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). Sightline believes that the answers to pressing operational questions lie within the data, and that the current generation of tools take too long and are too hard to use to quickly reveal critical insights. Capitalize on the all of the data generated from IIoT. Don’t just gather data….utilize it to help your manufacturing operations become better, faster and stronger than ever before.

If you are looking to bring real time, industry leading millisecond discovery and decision support to your organization, Sightline can help. Everyday, we help our customers get more value out of the data they are already creating and collecting from IIoT devices, sensors, ERP systems, condition monitors or in process historians from brands such as Rockwell, GE, WonderWare and others. Sightline provides interactive, visual tools to accelerate discovery and investigation within industrial process data.

Experience faster time to insight and achieve results in seconds that replace days of manual work copying and manipulating industrial process data sets. Sightline helps a single manufacturing environment or multiple facilities spanning the globe. This analysis and correlation is in addition to the traditional Sightline Systems use for IT Performance Monitoring, Predictive Analytics, Smart Devices and Capacity Planning. Sightline’s EDM solution is also a great way to join the Operations Technology (OT) and Information Technology (IT) departments.

Sightline Saves Manufacturers Time and Money

Some examples include:



Increase Productivity

Increase the productivity of engineers and analysts who have expertise in manufacturing operations and processes and are involved in diagnostics, investigation,
 discovery, and planning efforts relating to industrial process data.

Advanced Prediction Capability

Leverage recent data management innovations to simplify and accelerate working with time series data.  Sightline provides advanced analytic capabilities to easily find correlations and predict future values with machine learning.

Enhanced Collaboration

Engineers and analysts can create, retain, and collaborate on insights through a web browser  accessible from any modern device. Our data interface and dashboards also help to eliminate language / communication barriers between facilities or countries.

Comprehensive Approach

Sightline works with your industrial process data: historians, batch systems, asset management systems, ERP, and the data you’ve collected but don’t know how to integrate with your control system data or existing solutions. Sightline brings this all together in one environment.

Improved Data Security

Sightline connects to your data source for real-time access to the latest data, but Sightline never writes anything back to the data source. Instead, Sightline stores your work, data indexes, and annotations on your data for you without impacting the integrity of your systems of record.


Solutions to Help Manufacturers Become Better, Faster and Stronger

Sightline EDM

EDM for Manufacturing
Sightline EDM
provides you with a single, simple and yet powerful view into your operational data.  EDM is scalable to the size of any business, capable of monitoring hundreds to thousands of infrastructure components with over 7,500 points of collected data, in sub-second sample rates, all in Real-Time.

Sightline Assure

Assure for Manufacturing
Sightline Assure
is an easy-to-use application that provides  IT monitoring expertise without the complexity of traditional IT-industry software. Assure collects and analyzes hundreds of real-time system metrics to optimize performance. Perfect for the plant level IT stack, Industrial Data Center.