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Sightline Systems Included in Prestigious ITOA Predictions List

FAIRFAX, VA – March 6, 2016 – We are proud to announce that Sightline Systems’ own Brandon Witte is mentioned in the ITOA Landscape’s 2016 ITOA Predictions list. The list features quotes from the ITOA50 (the Who’s Who of ITOA IT Operations Analytics Leaders) and ITOA analysts. The list of quotes provides insightful predictions about just how IT Operations Analytics (ITOA) will affect organizations in 2016.

According to Mr. Witte, “This year, we are going to see predictive analytics take center stage for infrastructure monitoring. Rather than being in a reactionary mode, IT teams will now be able to access more data-points and real-time analytics than ever before to help them understand what is happening now and to accurately forecast what will happen in their businesses over time. Predictive analytics will help businesses improve efficiency and up-time which will stimulate long-term growth. Data centers will now be able to closely monitor everything from primary servers to PDUs and HVAC systems to cameras and electronic door locks to identify issues before they become too costly.”

To read other quotes from the 2016 ITOA Predictions List, visit

1. Log into Sightline EDM
2. Add an Alert Group

  1. Navigate to the Alerts Tab
  2. Navigate to the Alert Groups Tab
  3. Click the “Add Alert Group” button OR edit an existing Alert Group.
  4. Fill in the fields and click save
3. Click the "Add Metric" button
4. Select a connection that will be used to create the expression
5. Click the "Create Expression" button

6. Find the desired metric and click the insert button

  1. Note: You can select a specific CPU, disk or storage or, you can select the metric name to monitor ALL of them.
  2. You can click the help icon in order to read the description of the metric, to make sure that is the one you want to monitor.
  3. Repeat for each item you want to monitor in this compound expression

7. Add in the necessary operators (see EDM Documentation for more detailed description of available operations)
8. Add an Expression Name
9. Click "Save Expression"

10. Find and click your newly created expression under the "---All Expressions ---" group
11. Click the "Select Metric" button

12. Set the Alert Value to .999
13. Fill in any information for alert emails, traps, sounds etc. See EDM documentation for more information about configuring alerts.
14. Click the Finish Button
15. Assign the newly created alert group to a connection.

Compound Expressions Improve Your IT Monitoring

While today’s monitoring solutions help IT teams view their IT infrastructures with little to no tweaking, using an IT monitoring solution that allows for complex expressions can be very useful in improving reliability.

So what’s a complex expression? A compound expression is a series of simple expressions joined by arithmetic operators.  It’s a way of combining a series of thresholds together that, when in violation all at the same time, could lead to a bigger problem. Once these compound expressions are created, teams can apply those expressions to historical data to see if when problems began or occurred. Or they can combine them with their IT monitoring solution’s alerting capabilities to inform IT teams when certain conditions are met.


  1. A server’s heat increase and that additional heat affected the CPU. That caused website response time to degrade. A compound expression could be useful here to monitor CPU, temperature and web server response times.  By combining an alert with this expression IT admins can be notified in advanced before the problem becomes too serious.Temperature > 80 degrees AND CPU Time Busy > 90% AND response time < 5 seconds
  2. An engineer or IT admin notices problems with a particular server, and wants to pinpoint the time of the day that the server is performing the worst to see if a particular event may be the cause. A compound expression monitoring CPU, memory and disk usage would help.CPU Time Busy > 90% AND Memory Usage > 75% AND Disk Busy > 75%

Using an IT monitoring and analysis solution such as Sightline EDM, this expression can be used to perform root cause analysis. Once the expression has been created and data has been collected, the data can be plotted over a time period to find any violations.  Correlation can then be used with root cause analysis to find related events (across different systems). If you’re already an EDM user, I’ve even written a short guide on Creating Compound Expression Alerts in Sightline EDM.

Compound expressions, even such as the simple math equations above drastically improve your IT monitoring solution. It’s up to you to be creative and make awesome expressions to monitor your IT environment and solve problems when or even before they happen.

Increase Productivity by Classifying Monitored Alerts

Few people think about the types of alerts they receive. Yet, having the right types of alerts configured can result in significant cost-savings, improved infrastructure performance and increased end-user productivity. By planning and categorizing the right alerts for your company’s infrastructure operations, you can be confident that your IT operations are running smoothly and efficiently.

Alerts can be categorized into three classifications:

Performance Alerts – These are simple alerts used to make sure day to day operations are running smoothly.  These are things that may need immediate attention, such as a sudden spike in CPU utilization that’s causing your end-users to have a bad experience, or a large memory increase indicating that something needs to be investigated in the very near future.

Capacity Alerts – Classic alerts that warn end-users about when storage is full, CPUs are at full utilization, RAM is at zero or other factors. Capacity alerts have evolved to include triggers before capacity thresholds are exceeded. These triggers alerts IT teams when things should be fixed or fined tuned in order to reduce operating costs or increase productivity.

Dynamic Alerts – A modern, smarter approach to notification is the dynamic alert. A dynamic alert has the ability to move the threshold parameters based on day-to-day or week-to-week use.  Say on a Monday morning, CPU utilization of your farm is high at 80% due to workers showing up after a weekend, ready to tackle their assignments.  A dynamic alert would be smart enough to capture typical Monday CPU utilization and classify that use as “normal”. Yet, a dynamic alert might be triggered if CPU use on a Monday hits 99% or drops to 30%, a clear sign that there’s a problem. By analyzing trends over time by time of day we can create intelligent alerts and become aware of things which otherwise may not be noticed.

Now that you know the three types of alerts, you should look at your current alerts and see where switching alerts to a different type might help decrease the amount of alerts you get while improving the fidelity of alerts that need immediate attention. Good luck.

Meet Sightline Assure

As a successful monitoring and analytics solution provider, we’ve had 12 years of success answering the needs of current and future customers. While our EDM product has continuously delivered a high level of performance for IT teams from banks to telecommunications to airlines, it is a powerful enterprise-grade solution that some businesses don’t need yet. Yet, we believe that regardless of size, every business needs an IT monitoring solution that helps keep their systems running.

So we decided to simplify.

Sightline Assure is a new product that utilizes the power of EDM into a simplified, easy-to-read solution for companies that need to look and understand their entire server stack essentials from hardware to operating systems (Windows, Linux and VMware) to virtual machines.

Accuracy was essential. Assure features the same EDM platform technology to deliver high-fidelity of data monitoring to the end user. With 98% of EDM customers choosing to stick with EDM for the past 10 years, its platform as the foundation not only made Assure easier to develop, it allows us to update Assure with better technologies when they become available.

Portability was essential. While EDM’s is web-based, Assure needed to offer an interface that’s not only accessible from a laptop, its information needed to be readable from a smartphone or tablet. We tested Assure from a wide variety of devices and we’re happy to report that Assure is up to the task.

Simplicity was essential. Assure needed to boil down the 700+ metrics it receives into knowledge and notification – it needed to convey immediate context to any user. So Assure features only three easy to understand colors: Grey for good, yellow for warning and red for more immediate concerns. When end users drill deeper into Assure, they gain more knowledge about issues, when they began and how long they’ve lasted. It’s simply enough to learn in just a few minutes, doesn’t need a long-winded manual or long hours of training.

Pricing was essential. With Assure, we wanted to create a solution for any company looking to increase their IT systems’ operational stability so we priced Assure at a level that even a very small company could easily afford.

We’d like to thank the Sightline Assure team for adding expertise to building a solution for an industry that can significantly improve their operations as they upgrade their operations to Industry 4.0.


Meet the Sightline Assure Team

So when will we release Sightline Assure? Today. Take a moment to look at the Assureproduct page to learn more, watch a video that talks about how it works and feel free to reach out to ask about how to purchase Assure for your company.

Sightline Systems is looking for experienced sales professionals to join our growing sales team in our Fairfax office.  The individual will be responsible for selling our Analytics and Performance Solutions.

Qualified applicants should send a cover letter and resume to

Job Description

Responsibilities for the position include but are not limited to:

  • Identify new sales opportunities using enabled qualifying skills and tactics
  • Generate revenue from new and existing customers in assigned territory
  • Establish and maintain good rapport and customer support to existing customers
  • Create and execute key sales and business development initiatives to increase sales pipeline
  • Develop and execute sales strategy plans on accounts within assigned territory
  • Position Sightline appropriately and effectively with clients considering Sightline solutions
  • Develop reference accounts that are willing to be active in sharing their success with Sightline solutions with prospective customers
  • Maintain knowledge of the latest trends in the Operations Analytics industry
  • Actively participate and provide leadership within industry networking organizations
  • Provide continuous verbal and written updates on forecast, opportunity pipeline and territory plan
  • Possess thorough knowledge of company and products/services
  • Be able to present the value proposition to all levels within the organization
  • Qualify a high volume of prospects in and out of the opportunity pipeline

Desired Skills and Experience

  • 5+ years of relevant sales/ business development experience preferably in software sales
  • Job duties are varied and complex requiring independent judgment, collaboration and leadership
  • Ideal candidates will have experience selling monitoring, Operations, Customer Experience, Analytics, or similar applications
  • Highly developed selling, customer relations and negotiations skills with the ability to effectively communicate with C-level executives and line of business representatives
  • Ability to work collaboratively in a team-based environment and execute upon agreed strategy
  • Ability to penetrate accounts and represent the broader Sightline value proposition as well as specific value and capability messaging
  • Excellent written, verbal and interpersonal skills are staples of the position
  • Demonstrated ability to present effectively and to sell to a technical solution
  • Strong skills in communication, negotiation, organization and teamwork
  • Desire to work from a central location with emphasis on selling through the phone
  • Some travel required
  • Bachelor’s degree

We offer all of the advantages you would expect from an industry leader including a competitive salary and comprehensive benefits package including medical, dental, vision, and life insurance, holiday and vacation pay, 401K, stock option plan, and much more.

East of Data Center Alley: Our Trip to Data Center World


dcw-raffle2A good deal of the Internet traffic that flows to government sites and commercial sites like Amazon, LinkedIn and Facebook go through “Data Center Alley,” which is just minutes to the west of our Fairfax, VA-based headquarters.

Given that we offer enterprise-grade IT monitoring and analysis solutions that can work with data centers, we ventured to Data Center World a few weeks ago at National Harbor, MD to investigate how we could help.

We were welcomed into the data center industry as attendees were open to our questions and curious about what Sightline Systems could do.

While we talked about how we monitor and analyze the infrastructure that makes IT work inside businesses, other exhibitors showed us cooling, wiring, racks and power products that help fuel the IT infrastructures that we support.

Sightline Systems CEO Brandon Witte was also on hand to talk to business leaders, tell them about our solutions and handed out a $250 Amazon gift card to our raffle winner, Rahman Khaalis.

Leaving the show not only helped us understand the work and planning that goes into data center development and management, it gave us a new appreciation for the massive windowless buildings that we see on our daily commute.

Sightline's Comments on the Agent vs Agent-less Monitoring Debate

If the Agent-based or Agent-less debate has got you down, why not use both? For over fifteen years, Sightline Systems has delivered industry-leading agent-based data collection capabilities for mission-critical IT systems. This detailed data is critical for forensic root cause analysis and detailed capacity planning activities. But what about when this level of data collection is not required? Sightline Systems has the answer — our Agent-less data collection product allows you to collect data from systems without the need to deploy local agents.

Need high-level performance data quickly from a farm of servers? No problem!

Want to gather performance metrics from network or storage devices? We have you covered!

Our new framework offers the ability to take advantage of a variety of collection options without additional software installations. Agents are and will continue to be the industry standard mechanism for the collection of performance data on mission-critical systems. They offer security and availability that cannot be matched by Agent-less collection products. So end the debate — you can have your cake and eat it, too! Contact Sightline Systems today and enjoy the best of both worlds. (703) 563-3000