Telecommunications Industry Solutions

 Telecom_shutterstock_167093621Sightline Solutions for Telecommunications Companies

Whether you’re offering cable services, television programming, telephone services, or more, one thing is absolutely certain…your customers care about precision data transfer and performance. A down network can affect thousands of customers and in the long-run will make the difference between the customer selecting your company or the competition.

Now is the time to be proactive and optimize performance, reduce operational issues and automate reporting using the Sightline Systems Solution Suite. Our Solution Suite enables substantial increases in resource utilization levels while providing reliable systems. We also provide an opportunity for telecom companies to realize new revenue streams by offering big data analytics and competitive cloud offers.


Why Sightline?

Higher Productivity

Increase the productivity of engineers and analysts who have expertise in operations and processes and are involved in diagnostics, investigation,
 discovery, and planning efforts relating to industrial process data.

Advanced Analytics

Leverage recent data management innovations to simplify and accelerate working with time series data.  Sightline provides advanced analytic capabilities to easily find correlations and predict future values.

Easy Collaboration

Create, retain, and collaborate on insights through a browser-based application accessible from any device.

Holistic Approach

Sightline works with your process data: historians, batch systems, asset management systems, ERP, and the data you’ve collected but don’t know how to integrate with your control system data or existing solutions. Sightline brings this all together in one environment.

True Data Security

Sightline connects to your data source for real-time access to the latest data, but Sightline never writes anything back to the data source. Instead, Sightline stores your work, data indexes, and annotations on your data for you without impacting the integrity of your systems of record.

Solutions to Help Telecommunications Companies Operate Better, Faster and Stronger

Sightline EDM

Sightline EDM
provides a simple and yet powerful view into every part of a company’s infrastructure from mainframes to the latest in Windows and Linux systems. EDM is scalable to the size of any business and is capable of monitoring hundreds to thousands of infrastructure components.

Sightline Assure

Sightline Assure
is an easy-to-use web application that provides IT monitoring expertise and industry best practices without the complexity of traditional IT-industry software. Designed to be simple on the surface, Assure collects and analyzes hundreds of real-time system metrics to optimize performance.